FREE Beginner Resources in Moroccan Arabic

Learning a new language doesn’t have to be expensive — or even cost more than your internet subscription. Here are a few legal and free Moroccan Arabic beginner resources:

Peace Corps Darija Textbook
– This one is a classic for a reason. Language schools in Morocco even use it in their classes for foreigners.

AUDIO from Chekayri’s Introduction to Moroccan Arabic and Culture
– Click on « Moroccan Arabic Listening Texts in MP3 »
– All of the listening texts from the Chekayri textbook.
– Natural-paced dialogues and monologues.
– I do recommend Chekayri’s textbook if you can afford it and if you use it with a teacher/in conjunction with other sources. It’s serves as a great guide toward proficiency in Darija.

LangMedia Culture Talk

– Native speakers speaking about a variety of cultural topics, with Moroccan Arabic & English transcripts included.

Painless Arabic

This excellent youtube channel provides real-life skits with Darija and English subtitles. The videos are honestly hilarious and filled with useful vocabulary.